New Carpet is Installed!

Living areaIt has been a week today, but the new carpet is in! I have some pictures of what the apartment looked like during the installation. They were in and out in just under 2 hours! Amazing!

The first picture is showing the exposed floor.

There was a bit of a pile up of stuff in the bedroom!


Living Area Jam

Then the living area!

Cocoa was hiding the entire time! What a fraidy cat!

Cocoa hiding

Nutmeg was in the closet but I didn’t get a chance to get a shot of her. She was very happy up on the shelf.

And finally, the installers working on the bedroom. They could not get the bed frame out so they just moved it back and forth. It was lighter than I thought it would be.

View to bedroom

So, after 12 years here, I was fortunate to be able to get new carpet. I had no idea the management would do that. They say apartment carpet life is 5 -7 years. I had double that!

It was hard work, but totally worth it. Of course, I do not know how long I will stay here now. I have a 12 month least but if a new job is far away, I may have to move. That remains to be seen however.

Not much movement on the crafting front as I prepared for the new carpet and then moved stuff back in. I have been creating stirs on Facebook with my Glenn Beck comment so I spent a bit of time on that. The furor has died down though. I want to get back to blogging and perhaps starting a different blog. Need to examine what my goal with that would be, however.

Enjoy the day!


A few more projects

Shabby box Another project I finished recently. At least I think it is finished. I took a plain wooden box and decided to paint it white and then crackle it. After the crackle,  I used an umber colour to fill in the cracks. I bought the pearls with the small roses (which don’t show up very well) as a complete sticker. Forgot what you call them. Then I hand embroidered the flowers and leaves. I bought a book I really like called Delight in the Details, by Lisa M. Pace and she describes how she uses ordinary felt and embellishes it with various stitches.  So, I gave it a try and glued this flower to the top. I used a chipboard flower as a template for the flower but I drew the leaves myself! Since I can barely draw a straight line, I was glad I was able to approximate a nicely shaped leaf. Put a rhinestone in the center. I am considering adding a few more elements but I haven’t decided what would look good. Less is more is often the way to go.

This small framed postcard was just something I put together a while back. I had a nice wooden frame that I painted and made “shabby.” I was happy with how it turned out. Then I just took a vintage postcard and some lace vellum over purple cardstock and there you have it. A nice shabby accessory! I even distressed the display easel. Just had one of those black ones that you can get a craft stores and painted and distressed with sandpaper like I did with the frame. I used ivory or antique, can’t remember which on the easel. Again, just an easy project but it is a nice shabby chic looking decoration.

I did some more job search today. Actually had a job to apply for! But it seems that organizations take their time. I know people are overworked, etc, but it is hard on us unemployed, too. At least I think this is one that I have a good chance for.

Hope to do some stitching today but not after I get some more work completed!

More later! Have a wonderful day!

Recent projects

I finally got my camera out and staged some pictures very quickly. The first is a finished piece called “Daybreak” by The Goode Huswife. I must have bought and started it in 2003. Only just completed the stitching in August of this year. I am not sure if I can find the pillow anymore so I may end up framing it. Won’t be doing that too soon.

I must be in a Goode Huswife mood as I also got “June Morning” out again. I probably bought that in 2002. Started it right away. It didn’t last long. Then I pulled it out again in 2008. It went back in the Works in Progress pile and I got it out again last week. I really love the bright colors and over-scaled motifs. The black linen is the perfect backdrop for it as well.

And one last project that is not stitching at all but assemblage. I bought a plain shadow box quite a while ago. I sat on it for ages until I felt inspired to decorate it as a Day of the Dead collection. It is not finished yet as I am still adding more and more to it. I put very little planning into it so that is why it is taking so long. I add bits and pieces as I think of them. It will be complete one day. I hope in time for November 1st of this year!


Otherwise, I am plugging along with the job search. Still tweaking the old résumé. Although I don’t think I am doing anything “wrong,” I still keep at it until I am satisfied. I am also doing what experts say to do: customizing it for each job. That explains the tweaking.

Enjoy the treats. I’ll be back soon!

Back to my roots…

Cover of BookTaking a different turn on this blog. I have shied away from posting professional stuff. Although I started this blog to share my favorite hobby, cross-stitching, I feel the need to share other thoughts as well.

My roots are libraries. I have been involved with libraries since I was a child. My mother would take my sisters and I to our local library once a week. She is a voracious reader and I would check out maybe 1 or 2 books. She would check out 10! Anyway, years later, we would both receive our degrees in library science and then work in that profession.

My career has taken a different turn, however. The new cliché, “It’s the economy,” is all too real for me. I was ‘reduced’ a while back and after spending time on self-improvement and some web design training, I saw a ray of light with some local job openings in my field. I was so excited because I really do believe in libraries as worth-while institutions and I have a great passion for working in libraries. Unfortunately, there has not been much movement from the employers and I have even received news in the negative. I am not a quitter, though. I am not giving up, no matter how much I feel like it.

I have avoided writing anything ‘professional’ because I was told that when looking for a job, one must be very circumspect. Employers are supposedly searching the web, looking for anything on potential employees. That doesn’t seem to be helping me, so I decided I might as well pour my soul about my profession.

I recently picked up a book I bought when it first came out, Future Libraries : Dreams, Madness, Reality by Walt Crawford and Michael Gorman.  Fascinating to compare what they wrote back in the early 1990’s to what libraries have become now.  At that time, many librarians were jumping on the technology bandwagon and Crawford and Gorman thoughtfully outlined what was more likely the reality of all this technology.  I am not going to analyze that now. I only mentioned it because it brought forth the rush I get when I think about libraries and how I feel such a connection and an intuition about them. I really need that feeling now.  I am lost without it.

I don’t think I have engaged enough readers of my blog to make any professional comments a detriment to my job search. I feel better, though, sharing these thoughts with whoever MAY read this.

There is more to come on crafts and stitching, however. I have just been dragging my feet on taking the pictures and then uploading them. Should I admit that?

I have not been blogging at all. Very bad. Time to start again. This short post is just to keep me live!

Shortly after I started my blog, I received a grant to attend a training program. So beginning in October, 2009, I began going to TechSkills in Mesa, Arizona. It was hard work but it has been worth it. I learned a lot but there is so much more for me to learn.

I’ll be spending some time practicing what I learned and more importantly, looking for a job!

I even hope to use some of these skills on this blog. Make it prettier and more customized.

Talk soon!


I knew I would do this…

As I suspected. I am not keeping this blog up very well. My excuse is that I am looking for a job. Which I am, but it doesn’t mean I am doing it all the time. I have been doing some stitching but I also started beading again. I am an obvious beginner in that I am making very simple strands, mostly bracelets. Although I should back up a bit. I started because after Colleen left 2 weeks ago, I had this urge to make her a scissors fob. So I did! And that lead to about 9 more. I am keeping a few for myself. I also finished a necklace that I started for my mother ages ago. She got it today. I did forget to take a picture of it though.

So, I attempted to stage a few pictures of the scissors fobs and I just downloaded them.



Here is the first shot. Had trouble getting close ups to include all of them. The color isn’t quite true either. But I don’t know much about digital photography.
Fobs 2
I actually like them which is saying alot. My next step is to look into a tax id number and a business license in the event I want to sell them. I am a little chicken right now, not knowing how it all works. But, I need to step out of my comfort zone. If you can call unemployment a “comfort zone.”
I hope  you enjoy. The bracelets pictures are next post!
Thanks for looking!!!