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Back to my roots…

Cover of BookTaking a different turn on this blog. I have shied away from posting professional stuff. Although I started this blog to share my favorite hobby, cross-stitching, I feel the need to share other thoughts as well.

My roots are libraries. I have been involved with libraries since I was a child. My mother would take my sisters and I to our local library once a week. She is a voracious reader and I would check out maybe 1 or 2 books. She would check out 10! Anyway, years later, we would both receive our degrees in library science and then work in that profession.

My career has taken a different turn, however. The new cliché, “It’s the economy,” is all too real for me. I was ‘reduced’ a while back and after spending time on self-improvement and some web design training, I saw a ray of light with some local job openings in my field. I was so excited because I really do believe in libraries as worth-while institutions and I have a great passion for working in libraries. Unfortunately, there has not been much movement from the employers and I have even received news in the negative. I am not a quitter, though. I am not giving up, no matter how much I feel like it.

I have avoided writing anything ‘professional’ because I was told that when looking for a job, one must be very circumspect. Employers are supposedly searching the web, looking for anything on potential employees. That doesn’t seem to be helping me, so I decided I might as well pour my soul about my profession.

I recently picked up a book I bought when it first came out, Future Libraries : Dreams, Madness, Reality by Walt Crawford and Michael Gorman.  Fascinating to compare what they wrote back in the early 1990’s to what libraries have become now.  At that time, many librarians were jumping on the technology bandwagon and Crawford and Gorman thoughtfully outlined what was more likely the reality of all this technology.  I am not going to analyze that now. I only mentioned it because it brought forth the rush I get when I think about libraries and how I feel such a connection and an intuition about them. I really need that feeling now.  I am lost without it.

I don’t think I have engaged enough readers of my blog to make any professional comments a detriment to my job search. I feel better, though, sharing these thoughts with whoever MAY read this.

There is more to come on crafts and stitching, however. I have just been dragging my feet on taking the pictures and then uploading them. Should I admit that?


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