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I knew I would do this…

As I suspected. I am not keeping this blog up very well. My excuse is that I am looking for a job. Which I am, but it doesn’t mean I am doing it all the time. I have been doing some stitching but I also started beading again. I am an obvious beginner in that I am making very simple strands, mostly bracelets. Although I should back up a bit. I started because after Colleen left 2 weeks ago, I had this urge to make her a scissors fob. So I did! And that lead to about 9 more. I am keeping a few for myself. I also finished a necklace that I started for my mother ages ago. She got it today. I did forget to take a picture of it though.

So, I attempted to stage a few pictures of the scissors fobs and I just downloaded them.



Here is the first shot. Had trouble getting close ups to include all of them. The color isn’t quite true either. But I don’t know much about digital photography.
Fobs 2
I actually like them which is saying alot. My next step is to look into a tax id number and a business license in the event I want to sell them. I am a little chicken right now, not knowing how it all works. But, I need to step out of my comfort zone. If you can call unemployment a “comfort zone.”
I hopeĀ  you enjoy. The bracelets pictures are next post!
Thanks for looking!!!

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