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Happy New Year!

Almost a week into 2011. It  has been pretty busy, but not craft-wise at all. The job market seems to be opening up a bit and there are at least some jobs to apply for.

I did miss posting some of my late-in-the-year craft projects. I worked hard to make 50 baby shower favors for a friend of a friend. I found the idea on a website but I used my own color inspiration and more. Making 50 party favors, all by hand and with just me; that took ages! It was worth it and satisfiying but I would never make a profit doing that.

I made 50 little candy bags using posterboard covered with lovely scrapbook paper. As they were ‘thank you’ favors, I added a medallion of various chipboard shapes topped off with a small 1″ square with the words, Thank You stamped and then heat embossed in black. I used some tea dye ink to ‘antique’ the medallions. Little cellophane bags were then filled with M&M’s and tied with a satin ribbon. I was pleased with how they all looked.

Candy Party Favors

Thank you favors for a baby shower. Handmade with Love!



Cocoa enjoying Christmas!


Christmas Tree Mesa 2010

It's a tree!


Christmas was fun and as usual, went too quickly. Colleen was here and we saw The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 3D.  Otherwise, we went to Ah-So for sushi on Christmas Eve, our tradition for the past 5 or 6 years. I also attended Midnight Mass and the church was decorated beautifully. No snow, of course, although it was pretty cold.

I do have a few more tree pictures but I haven’t downloaded them yet from my digicam. Last time I did download, it crashed my already fragile computer.

More to do today so I’ll leave  you now.


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A few more projects

Shabby box Another project I finished recently. At least I think it is finished. I took a plain wooden box and decided to paint it white and then crackle it. After the crackle,  I used an umber colour to fill in the cracks. I bought the pearls with the small roses (which don’t show up very well) as a complete sticker. Forgot what you call them. Then I hand embroidered the flowers and leaves. I bought a book I really like called Delight in the Details, by Lisa M. Pace and she describes how she uses ordinary felt and embellishes it with various stitches.  So, I gave it a try and glued this flower to the top. I used a chipboard flower as a template for the flower but I drew the leaves myself! Since I can barely draw a straight line, I was glad I was able to approximate a nicely shaped leaf. Put a rhinestone in the center. I am considering adding a few more elements but I haven’t decided what would look good. Less is more is often the way to go.

This small framed postcard was just something I put together a while back. I had a nice wooden frame that I painted and made “shabby.” I was happy with how it turned out. Then I just took a vintage postcard and some lace vellum over purple cardstock and there you have it. A nice shabby accessory! I even distressed the display easel. Just had one of those black ones that you can get a craft stores and painted and distressed with sandpaper like I did with the frame. I used ivory or antique, can’t remember which on the easel. Again, just an easy project but it is a nice shabby chic looking decoration.

I did some more job search today. Actually had a job to apply for! But it seems that organizations take their time. I know people are overworked, etc, but it is hard on us unemployed, too. At least I think this is one that I have a good chance for.

Hope to do some stitching today but not after I get some more work completed!

More later! Have a wonderful day!

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I love red!

IMG_0232This is a lovely little bag made for me by my friend. I can put lots of supplies in here but it is so pretty, I like to leave it out for display!

Red has always been a favorite colour of mine so this bag was just perfect! My friend is a fan of red as well. I will be sharing more red projects in the days to come. However, I am heavy into job searching and will be spending much time involved in that.

Merry stitching!

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