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Just do it!

Not original but my new motto. I have been thinking about this blog but doing nothing. Part of my perfectionism. If I cannot do a perfect job, I do not do it at all! I must change that. Anyway, I have been viewing lots of other stitching blogs so that has given me ideas.

I do not have new stitching photos so I will post what I do have. No  harm in that.



My lovely girl in her box. Leo, my Steiff lion, is in the background. I left the boot boxes on the floor and the cats jumped right in them. So now they are a permanent fixture on my bed. Not that anyone is following me, but part of my absence is due to my new employment. I was able to find a job, in my chosen field. I am a health sciences librarian at Midwestern University, an osteopathic medical school. It has worked out quite well and I am very lucky to be able to still work as a librarian.



Luna is the newest addition. She was a stray with a clipped left ear that would show up in the evenings and my neighbor and I would feed her. Then after a year, she started coming into my apartment to the dismay of Cocoa and Nutmeg. But she needed a family and she decided we were it! She is still indoor/outdoor. I would prefer that she would be indoor only but it is very difficult to get her to stay inside. The place is small and I cannot make a space that replicates being out. She stays in longer and longer so I hope that someday she will not want to go out that much.

Well, time and motion wait for no man or person as I like to say. Just wanted to get something going. I was such a slacker but I hope to be back. One blogger I watch seems to have a pattern of posting on one particular day a week and that seems like a good plan for me. I have not chosen the day yet but this is a start!

So, to no one in particular out there, enjoy the day! I will be back!


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