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IMG_0255The red bedroom. I found the quilt for only 39 dollars at the antique mall and I thought it was a bargain. So, I started a red theme. The pillow was made by my sister, Colleen. It is Life is just a Chair of Bowlies. The finisher did an absolutely fabulous job finding the Mary Englebreit fabric to go with it. I just love how it all turned out.IMG_0254

Next a shot of the other side of the bed with my Mouline Rouge cross stitch piece. The boxes hold fabric and charts.  Before I did the red theme, I had not realized how much I already had that was red. I just wish I would get with it and declutter more.






Finally, a shot of the little round table I found. Warped and cracked and all, it is very shabby. But it was a steal and I might be able to see if I can get the top straightened out. If not, then it stays this way!







Ok, one more picture to add. I caught Nutmeg sitting very prettily on the table. She is mostly in shadow but it is the best one I have of this series. She never stays still long enough when the camera is on!


I gave my friend the cross stitch piece I made for her and forgot to take a picture of it. Not a great loss. I am back to working on Rhapsody in Red Ribbon Sampler but hope to finish the cat piece I am doing for another friend in the next week. I just needed a break from that one!


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I have been worrying about finding a job so have not been spending time on the blog. I have been busy though and started a new cross stitch project for a friend. I have about 20 projects in process right now. It is such an accomplishment when I finish one!!

I also took some apartment shots. I have spent absolutely hours going to vintage, antique type stores and mini mall places. I love doing that. I always seem to be “in progress” when decorating, too. So, a diversion from cross stitch today and I will show some of the home pictures.

A shabby chic vignette

A shabby chic vignette

Here is a shot of my chair and some decorative elements. The dresses were actually made by family members from central New York state. Possibly my great grandmother, Leona Hart. But they didn’t cost me a thing! And the partial picket fence was only 8 dollars! The lamp was rewired by me and a friend years ago and I recently had it painted white.

Shelf above the chair

Shelf above the chair

This shelf is new but the mirror looked like it was once part of a child’s dresser. I thought it quite shabby chic. Another bargain in my mind. $18
Pass through into kitchen

Pass through into kitchen

Just to the left of the chair and you see the pass through. The arrangement is rather haphazard right now. I am always moving stuff around.
I haven’t photographed any cross stitch projects lately but will do so in the next couple of days. I am definitely an amateur decorater, I don’t think I could do it for anyone else, but I do have fun decorating for myself.

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I have already missed a few days and I have only been at this for one week!

Going into the “vault” for finished pieces


Another “old” piece. This is EduCATed by Bent Creek. Being a librarian and cat lover I HAD to do this piece. It is really quite cute.

I made a list of all my charts the other day and I have quite a few. I am happy to say that many have been completed but no where near half of them (and I counted over 150!). I know there are other stitchers that surpass that number but this is enough for me. I feel overwhelmed as it is with what I have.


 This is something I put together for my mother. I just decoupaged paper on a papier mache letter. Then I added some embellishments. I got the idea from a craft book I was looking at. It was a lot of fun to make and I want to do more. I get creative block a lot these days though so it might be a while before I get to another one.

That is it for now!

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I love red!

IMG_0232This is a lovely little bag made for me by my friend. I can put lots of supplies in here but it is so pretty, I like to leave it out for display!

Red has always been a favorite colour of mine so this bag was just perfect! My friend is a fan of red as well. I will be sharing more red projects in the days to come. However, I am heavy into job searching and will be spending much time involved in that.

Merry stitching!

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IMG_0241Another completed piece. I had to do this since it is titled Marion the Librarian. The designer of this one is La-D-Da. This was also done on 40 ct. linen and I used the threads that the design was charted for.

I will be adding more in the next few days as I continue to learn what I am doing as a blogger!

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A little stitching bag from Au Fil des Rêves plus some accessories from Sajou.

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Day 2

Rhapsody in Red Ribbon Sampler in progress
 The piece I have been working on for quite a while now. It is fairly large and there is lots of stitching involved. This is a design from The Sampler Cove. I am stitching this on 40 ct linen using threads from Crescent Colours-Belle Soie. It is quite beautiful.

Yes it is what I used in my banner.

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