End of the year WIP’s

I am working on the Sampler Roll from A School Room Alphabet by Vickie and Meagan Jennett. I have actually made more progress than shown here but I do not have a current picture. I am going to finish this myself. I got a great new sewing machine in May and I haven’t used it half enough. It is Janome and I am very happy with it so far!



A Sister’s Garden by La-D-Da stitched on 52/60 count with thread conversion to Gloriana Tudor Silks. I loved the story that Lori M. stitched it for her sister. I saw it after market at my LNS and I just thought it be the perfect pattern to try on the 52/60 count fabric. It was so easy to stitch, surprisingly. I know some people would not be able to stitch on that count due to eye problems, but I am going to while I can!


Here is Nutmeg, playing with a crinkle bag I bought 2 or 3 years ago, for the first time! I was sitting on the couch and I heard the noise. I was very surprised she was sitting on it. Of course, that was last week, before Christmas, and she has not bothered it since! Sorry for the poor lighting. The picture was taken from my iPhone.



More finishes


Red,White & Chessie by Chessie and Me I finished this last earlier this year but haven’t had it framed yet. Chessie and the flag are stitched over 1.






This is the Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat by Carriage House Samplings.


 I have a few finishes to show after being away from this for another year. From Ewe & Eye & Friends, “Forget-Me-Not.”  This was framed by the very talented Sandy at The Attic Needlework & Collectibles, my LNS.


I also finished stitching “Christmastide at Holly House” by The Scarlett House. I just picked up the framed piece at my LNS yesterday and will show the framed piece next post.


Well, as this was just a quick post done from the new laptop late on Saturday night, I will close with the knowledge that I am at least giving my blogging a try! Have a good night and I will be back very, very, soon!


Just do it!

Not original but my new motto. I have been thinking about this blog but doing nothing. Part of my perfectionism. If I cannot do a perfect job, I do not do it at all! I must change that. Anyway, I have been viewing lots of other stitching blogs so that has given me ideas.

I do not have new stitching photos so I will post what I do have. No  harm in that.



My lovely girl in her box. Leo, my Steiff lion, is in the background. I left the boot boxes on the floor and the cats jumped right in them. So now they are a permanent fixture on my bed. Not that anyone is following me, but part of my absence is due to my new employment. I was able to find a job, in my chosen field. I am a health sciences librarian at Midwestern University, an osteopathic medical school. It has worked out quite well and I am very lucky to be able to still work as a librarian.



Luna is the newest addition. She was a stray with a clipped left ear that would show up in the evenings and my neighbor and I would feed her. Then after a year, she started coming into my apartment to the dismay of Cocoa and Nutmeg. But she needed a family and she decided we were it! She is still indoor/outdoor. I would prefer that she would be indoor only but it is very difficult to get her to stay inside. The place is small and I cannot make a space that replicates being out. She stays in longer and longer so I hope that someday she will not want to go out that much.

Well, time and motion wait for no man or person as I like to say. Just wanted to get something going. I was such a slacker but I hope to be back. One blogger I watch seems to have a pattern of posting on one particular day a week and that seems like a good plan for me. I have not chosen the day yet but this is a start!

So, to no one in particular out there, enjoy the day! I will be back!

I have no followers because I am not updating this enough. I finally got a job so am settling in to having an income, and hopefully, shaking off the depression that stopped me from continuing with my blog. I have been doing many crafts so at least  I have a lot to post when I am at home and have access to my photos. I just wanted to post SOMETHING just in case someone checked. I am alive and still sewing! Be back real soon!

Happy New Year!

Almost a week into 2011. It  has been pretty busy, but not craft-wise at all. The job market seems to be opening up a bit and there are at least some jobs to apply for.

I did miss posting some of my late-in-the-year craft projects. I worked hard to make 50 baby shower favors for a friend of a friend. I found the idea on a website but I used my own color inspiration and more. Making 50 party favors, all by hand and with just me; that took ages! It was worth it and satisfiying but I would never make a profit doing that.

I made 50 little candy bags using posterboard covered with lovely scrapbook paper. As they were ‘thank you’ favors, I added a medallion of various chipboard shapes topped off with a small 1″ square with the words, Thank You stamped and then heat embossed in black. I used some tea dye ink to ‘antique’ the medallions. Little cellophane bags were then filled with M&M’s and tied with a satin ribbon. I was pleased with how they all looked.

Candy Party Favors

Thank you favors for a baby shower. Handmade with Love!



Cocoa enjoying Christmas!


Christmas Tree Mesa 2010

It's a tree!


Christmas was fun and as usual, went too quickly. Colleen was here and we saw The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 3D.  Otherwise, we went to Ah-So for sushi on Christmas Eve, our tradition for the past 5 or 6 years. I also attended Midnight Mass and the church was decorated beautifully. No snow, of course, although it was pretty cold.

I do have a few more tree pictures but I haven’t downloaded them yet from my digicam. Last time I did download, it crashed my already fragile computer.

More to do today so I’ll leave  you now.

Where does the time go?

September is almost over! It seemed to just fly by. Still job hunting but at least there have been a few promising leads. I hope to be working by the end of October. Keeping my fingers crossed for that!

I did go to my LNS on Sunday, September 19th. It was the monthly Sampler Sunday and it was a pleasant afternoon of information and stitching. I brought a few of my finished pieces to show.

So this is something that I started quite a while ago, put away, got out again, put away, got out again, etc. until I finally completed it this month. I was determined to have it done for this years Halloween season.

Fraidy Cat

Fraidy Cat by Diane Arthurs for Imaginating

I also finished June Morning by The Goode Huswife. I just loved it when I saw the chart in 2002 and I still love it, especially now that it is completed. I used the linen and DMC that it was charted for and I think it came out great! See for yourself!

June Morning

June Morning by The Goode Huswife

Finally, I finished  Hallow Sampler by The Primitive Needle. I did not get it ironed but at least it is complete. It will not be framed for Halloween due to lack of funds. Hopefully, next year!

Hallow Sampler

Hallow Sampler by The Primitive Needle

I tried to be a tad artistic with the layout. Not sure it works. I worked this on 40 count Dill linen with the combination of Sampler Threads and Weeks Dye Works it was charted for. A quick and easy piece!

On to more computer work but first a cup of Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee! I have to say, I love the fall!